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Disability is not a curse or a disorder in society. These are the contributions of nature. We recognize disability as a part of them, we have to work hard to be a part of it and to be established in their life to maintain their respect and dignity in the society. There are many examples of people with disabilities in this world who have established themselves by overcoming obstacles. They have achieved success in life due to various blows and struggles and determination. Let us all take an oath and be a part of them, encourage them by their side, give them the courage to live with dignity in their society and give them social dignity. Since every child in India has the right to education, there is a special law for persons with disabilities but the government shows reluctance or reluctance to enact or implement it, some NGOs are playing a responsible role in the society and making various efforts for them. Rehabilitation As such, we as an NGO work for the development of such people at different levels of society such as education, rehabilitation, training and various career based efforts. We have seen over twenty years that many children with disabilities have benefited from us, we do not receive a single penny from children with disabilities for this work, we collect general donations from ordinary people like you for them and we work for them. Our sincere appeal to all of you is to help all these disabled children and women as much as possible and give them a chance to be established in the society. So you login to our website and click on the donate button there. So come on

The main expenses for each students are:

a) Tuition Fees/Honorarium for Teachers = Rs. 2000/- p.m.

b) Travelling Expenses (as most of the students are poor and needy = Rs. 500/- p.m.

c) Medicine = Rs. 100/- p.m.

d) Tiffin = Rs. 400/- p.m.

Total Rs. 3000/- p.m. x 12 = Rs. 36000/- per session

Apart from this Rs. 1500/- towards 2 sets of School Uniform per academic session and Rs. 2000/- towards Educational Kits.

Total = 3500/- per session

Contingencies Rs. 650/- p.m. x 12 = Rs. 7800/- per session

Group Total Rs. 36000/- + Rs. 3500/- + Rs. 7800/- = Rs. 47300/- will be needed towards education and training of each student.


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