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The Organization had conducted an extensive Base Line Survey in the area and found that the Proposed Project area (Nityaberia, North 24 Parganas District, West Bengal, India) urgently needs a Women Skill Training Centre where various types of job, income generating program can be undertaken. It is proposed to begin a Tailoring and Embroidery skill-training to equip the poor vulnerable women/parents of differently able children. We will start this Proposed Project “Socio Economic Development for Rural Vulnerable Women” with 100 vulnerable women and girls from socio-economic backward background. Each session will be of 12 months with 100 beneficiaries in 2 (two) batches of 50 beneficiaries in each batch. In this way in 3 (three) years, 300 beneficiaries will be trained under this Project.

This Economic Empowerment of the dropout women's through vocational training livelihood project intends to give skill training in Sewing & tailoring for sustainable livelihoods to 300 women's with this vocational skills training women live with dignity by earning themselves. During this training, beneficiaries will learn and develop skills in Sewing and tailoring work.

Rural women in the Project area of Nityaberia, North 24 Parganas District, West Bengal, India are uneducated, socially and economically weaker section and dropout from the school. This kind of rural people is mostly depending upon her husband or father for their needs. Different factors like the lack of education, ignorance or a "Defective Value System" the existing poverty status in the target areas is possible. Discrimination, violence against girls and women are the worst forms of violence. Women's and girl's situation is hardly understandable for outsiders. But to be born as a daughter a women has restrained from education, socialization and participation in the decision making process. As a wife, a woman has to procreate children for the husband and rear them. She has the obligation to procreate a baby child; failure would result in deprivation of conjugal life with the husband. Still there are many other forms of mental violence against women. Moreover, beatings and other forms of physical violence are considered as normal practices in the villages. When girls or young women get married they are not supposed to stay with their birth family. They are considered to live with the husband's family. This leads to the opinion, that investment on girl's education is useless because it does not give any return to the parents. Hence, often the boy child alone enjoys the investment on education and development. This discrimination leads the girl to grow as illiterate, ignorant and inferior persons, which turn out in poverty and a submissive status. The targeted women of the area are living a neglected and sorrowful live with lots despair and no hope.

The Organization will recruit 2 (two) trained and experienced Instructors. The contents of the training are tailoring, embroidery and dressmaking, garment over locking, power machine operation, fashion designing, and machine embroidery. After the training, these women would gain the skill and experience in dressmaking and fashion designing. At this time, centre would be converted as training-cum-production centre by getting business orders from Export Processing Zone and nearby Garment Factories. We will also purchase We have selected Juki Corporation (tailoring cum embroidery) machines as it is very reliable and for its past records. We will purchase Machine based on requirements of the Project. We will also purchase additional materials as needed to run this type of project, like cutting tables, instructors chairs, tables, garments, scissors, rules, measurement tapes, needles, tread, white boards, installation charge etc. Additional every year there will be a maintenance cost on the Machines.


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