Progress and Development Report of Samarpan Shaw a Differently Able Student Partially Sponsored by Rohan Sharma

Samarpan Shaw is a Cerebral Palsy Child. He is primarily receiving Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. Due to Classes being held online, different type of therapist are showing how to provide different types and techniques of therapy online so the parents/guardians can learn the same and apply on their children. By attending online classes alongside their child the parents have learnt a lot like how to handle and take care of their special child. Samarpan can now turn side to side on the bed and needs continued therapy.

As Samarpan is a special children we have asked his parents to participate in online class for better communication, understanding and result. The progress and over all development of Samarpan would have been even better if the classes would have held in proper manner i.e. Physical Onsite Classroom method and not through online classes. Also Samarpan could have received different therapy directly from experts.

We have also provided Samarpan, dry ration (Rice, Mustard Oil, Pulses Potato etc.) as mid day meal, medication as required, teaching and writing materials etc.