National Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility (NFCSR)

Businesses need to be profitable, but their use of natural resources and sensitivity to the needs and aspirations of the common man is also critical to long-term survival and growth.


Sustainability of business includes not merely economic sustainability in the narrow sense of the term but also social and environmental sustainability with the confluence of human, financial, social and ecological capital. It is inappropriate to conduct market activity that concentrates wealth without empowering the poor and the deprived.

The NFCSR was established at IICA in 2012 to be the apex national institution that aims to build an enabling environment for the corporate sector to work in partnership with the government, non government and civil society organisations for effective contribution towards sustainable growth and development. It has been provided an initial corpus fund by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, enabling India to take a leadership position in the area of CSR.

In this regard, crosscutting CSR research, training, advisory and consulting services are pertinent. This not only fulfils the IICA mandate for the National Foundation on Corporate Social Responsibility (NFCSR) to be the CSR enabler, but also to evolve as the apex national level institution that can effectively enable and inform the implementation of the CSR laws and parameters of the country.

In order to fulfil this mandate, the NFCSR offers the following facilitation and Services:

  • Learning& Development (People)

               - CSR Training Services

               - BSE IICA CSR Index

  • Metadata On CSR: (Information)

  • CSR Implementing Agency Hub (Partners)

  • Documentation, Assessment & Evaluation, Advocacy & Dissemination & Research(Projects & Implementation)
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