GuideStar India is India’s largest reliable repository of NGO information. Our portal is India's largest, fully searchable database of reliable and comparable information on over 6,300 NGOs. With another 100,000+ NGOs on our offline database and NGO due diligence solutions, we have brought down the cost and time of connecting with NGOs. GuideStar India is transforming how Indian NGOs report and share information, and, is changing the way the people perceive, interact and engage with NGOs.
Our powerful search allows users to find and connect with NGOs within minutes.
By joining GuideStar India, an NGO demonstrates its commitment to being a transparent & accountable organization. Registration on GuideStar India is free for NGOs. In 6 years, GuideStar India has created a vibrant community of NGOs who you can reach easily to provide resources and opportunities.  was launched on Sep 23, 2010.

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