Sponsor one day med daay meal for 100 disabled children for schooling

5/9/2016 8:36:25 PM
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You can donate 2000 rupees for one day med day meal for 100 children with disabilities for regular schooling

India has some 40 to 80 million persons living with disability, it is estimated that about 30 per cent of them are children below the age of 14 years. In India, most of the disabled children do not receive any form of education and poverty is the biggest cause of disability in India. Low literacy rates and widespread social stigma are making disabled people among the most excluded in Indian society. At least one in every twelve households has a member with disability and illiteracy and poverty among the disabled families in high. Children with disabilities are 5 time more likely to drop out of school than average. Institute for the Handicapped and Backward People, with the help of its dedicated well trained staff and volunteers have done an extensive research and survey amongst the different villages, town of South 24 Parganas District and surround Kolkata and its adjoining areas. From the data collected through this research and baseline survey IHBP has come to the conclusion that out of the total population of the said area a large numbers are disabled children and people. Out of the disabled people a majority of them are from the poorest of the poor family. Though the government has started different projects and programmes for the welfare and benefit of the disabled people, the condition of them has not changed a bit. Through our survey we can say that the awareness amongst the parents of these disabled children is negligible and they are not aware of the different schemes and programmes of the government and its different welfare projects. We may further add that from our survey we can say that there has been some genuine lacking amongst the government employees involved in the different awareness camps or they have not acted with full social or moral responsibility. For the parents the disabled children are a curse and they will have to live with it. As most of them come from socio and economic backward background and are not educated they are least bothered and are not willing to spend any money or time on their disabled children. They have left their disabled children on their fate. As the matter stands we art first have to thoroughly generate awareness amongst the parents of the disabled children. The above mentioned disabled children of the said area are in urgent need of help by education, socioeconomic rehabilitation and primary basic amenities in all respects like, heath, education, living conditions and toilets sanitation and mobility accessibility. IHBP as a socially dedicated NGO working for the total development and upliftment of the disabled children and people both men and women sees it as its moral and social duty to do some productive and constructive work for the welfare of the said disabled children and people. IHBP concludes with the fact that there is a huge scope and responsibility on the part of government and the implementing NGO to bring a socio-economic development, education and basic amenities amongst the needy, poor disabled children in the South 24 Parganas District, Kolkata and its surrounding areas.


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