Save a differently able children in disadvantaged tribal and 2009 Ailla Cyclone affected areas

6/21/2016 9:25:47 PM
Project Value : Rs.12000.00
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Save a differently able children in disadvantaged tribal and 2009 Ailla Cyclone affected areas with access to quality education in an interactive and joyful environment. Children are enabled to join mainstream schools, having become confident, independent learners.


Access to education in these areas is limited (a) because it is often locally unavailable, (b) because of domestic and economic pressures forcing children to work, and (c) because it has traditionally not been accorded value. Nearly half of rural children in our area are out of school, and literacy levels are around just 33%.


Institute for the Handicapped and Backward people (IHBP) runs primary schools catering to children from poor tribal, minorities’ families in 42 villages of Backward Block of North 24 Paarganas district of West Bengal. The schools operate in rooms donated by, or rented from, villagers. IHBP involves local communities in the management of its schools and trains local instructors. Our schools equip children with essential skills for coping with the challenges of contemporary life. They learn literacy and numeric skills, hygiene, and creative activities. Visits to city/zoo/library are also undertaken.


To motivate the targeted rural people towards their village development in the areas of social, economic and health areas.

2.   To raise children and youth in the age group of 3 years to 18 years as full pledged adults by providing them holistic care in the developmental areas of cognitive, physical and socio-emotional

3.   To provide skills to youth to make them develop in their interest and to become self-supportive and productive members of the society.

4. To build the awareness level of the community to the extent of critical thinking and

5. To create awareness on savings and credit, and income generation program to women to motivate them to become self-reliant.

6. To increase the retention rate among school going children in the project area

7. To eradicate the women illiteracy

8. To promote SHGs and form them into a SHG Federation at a Panchayat level to strengthen and control all the member SHGs in the Federation

9. To promote alternate livelihood development through the self help groups (SHGs)

 Long-Term Impact

Enabling differently able and disadvantage children to read and write independently with comprehension; enabling marginalized tribal and minority communities to experience alternative and meaningful education; empowering communities to demand quality education from the government.


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