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6/26/2015 12:23:54 PM
Project Value : Rs.2000.00

Our Organization visualizes that the backwardness and deprivation of some section of the society are the manifestation of the unequal and unjust structure, where a few control power and resources. The basic issue that hinder the overall development of society and the deprived section is unequal access and control over the means of productions-land, resources, technology etc. Besides, lack of resources among the weaker sections, unequal access to services like education, medical facilities and information. Destruction and alienation of the self sustaining natural resource base of the poor on one hand and the increasing control over these resources by commercial interests on the other are the major factor for the deteriorating status of large sections of the rural poor. The end result is that the poor sections are forced to live either a marginalized existence or alternately migrate to urban areas in search of livelihood. This in turn not only leads to their displacement, but also alienates them from their cultural heritage, which is an inherent part of their life style. With our experience over the year through grass root work with rural poor and advocacy efforts , we have realized that , unless the marginalized rural poor and tribal develop the capacity to understand , involve and utilize the potentials and the opportunities on one hand and questioning the injustice and irregularities including the corruption and leakages, any developmental programs. The overall goal of the project is to enhance economic opportunities in the project area to benefit women and men including youths so that their level of income increases and they have better access to services. The project will achieve this goal by introducing entrepreneurial skills to the targeted beneficiaries and sustain them through collective production and marketing activities. The project area has one of the worst poverty indicators in the country. Low skills have led to lack of employment opportunities which has further complicated the situation with high migration, trafficking and poverty affecting the households.


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