Special School for the Hearing Impaired

10/5/2015 3:18:35 AM
Project Value : Rs.10000.00

Institute for the Handicapped and Backward People has been running a Special School for the Hearing Impaired since 2001. All the students under this Program are provided quality education and training by experience and qualified Special Educator. The students are also provided Educational Kits, School Uniform, Tiffin, Notebooks, Books etc. 

The main expenses for each students are:

a) Tuition Fees/Honorarium for Teachers = Rs. 2000/- p.m.
b) Travelling Expenses (as most of the students are poor and needy = Rs. 500/- p.m.
c) Medicine = Rs. 100/- p.m.
d) Tiffin = Rs. 400/- p.m.
Total Rs. 3000/- p.m. x 12 = Rs. 36000/- per session
Apart from this Rs. 1500/- towards 2 sets of School Uniform per academic session and Rs. 2000/- towards Educational Kits.
Total = Rs. 3500/- per session
Hearing Aid = Rs. 5500/-
Contingencies Rs. 650/- p.m. x 12 = Rs. 7800/- per session
Group Total Rs. 36000/- + Rs. 3500/- + Rs. 7800/- + Rs. 5500/- = Rs. 52800/- will be needed towards education and training of each student.

The primary objective is to prepare infants and children upto 6 years of age for schooling in special schools and/or integration at the appropriate stage in regular schools. The project also provides for therapeutic services, day care and counseling of parents. Special school projects for the mentally challenged, the hearing and speech impaired and the visually challenged are supported. The main thrust of special education is to develop communication skills and other sensory abilities, with the end objective varying from acquiring daily living skills to integration in regular institutions of learning and society in general. Residential facilities can also be covered under the grant. Continuing projects for special schools for Orthopaedically Handicapped children are being funded, but there is no model project. Project for Cerebral Palsied Children The objective is similar to projects for special schools, with more emphasis on catering to the therapy needs of the individual. Vocational Training Centres These projects are meant for persons with disabilities in the age group of 15-35 years and are expected to provide skills to enable such persons to move towards economic independence. An illustrative list of trades and the maximum period of training has been specified in the scheme. To manage behavioral problems and to impart special skills, self-help skills, and cater to the therapy needs of mentally challenged children. To apply the single window concept of providing for the plurality of therapy needs of the beneficiaries. RCI recognized BRS graduates who can provide for the above viz. speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy as well as psycho-therapy and parental counseling are encouraged to be recruited. Efforts should be made to use their services and dispense with the practice of hiring persons separately for each of the therapeutic services. To strive towards development of speech to facilitate integration in regular schools and the extent of effort in this respect would be the index for performance of the project. The transfer from this stage to special schools should be limited to the extent possible. • To identify the need for and to provide appropriate therapeutic services in the area of speech and hearing. • To provide day care management of the disabled child. • To involve parents through counseling as an integral part of the preparatory intervention and ensure their participation in the programmes to be developed for early intervention. • To ensure implementation of adequate measure for Disabled child education in the targeted area. • To improve the quality and effectiveness of the educational, social and economical growth of the disabled child. • To mobilize community for active participation in enrollment and retention of Disabled child in schools. • To develop strategies to engage community leaders, schools, government officials to support, promote and advocate for disabled child education and training.



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